Ringbahn Coworking, the renowned coworking space of Tempelhof and intertempi’s showroom for tech-enabled workspace, turns into a St. Oberholz location as of December 2020.

Bild: Offene Küche mit Sitzgelegenheiten und Schlafgelegenheiten

On this exciting collaboration Florian Mann, Co-Founder of intertempi, says ‘We are proud that Ringbahn Coworking became popular in Berlin during the last two years and can’t wait to see how it will now strive as we join forces with St. Oberholz. They contribute years – or better decades – of coworking experience combined with true customer focus and unlimited creativity. Together with intertempi’s tech focus, we can make this a showcase for the future of work.’

Both companies are PropTech disruptors enabling flexible and efficient ways of working through innovative spaces complemented with design and technology. Combining Ringbahn Coworking’s history with St. Oberholz’s brand, the location is named St. Ringbahn. It will present the best of both partners when it comes to design, tech, and customer focus.

We are very happy to get the opportunity to operate this place in this cooperation with intertempi and to open our first St. Oberholz space in Tempelhof. Both, the proximity to Tempelhofer Feld and the unique Berlin history of this place did not make us hesitate. Furthermore we already used to have a close trustworthy relation to intertempi’ says Ansgar Oberholz, Co-Founder of St. Oberholz.

St. Ringbahn is located in Tempelhof’s Ringbahnstrasse in a traditional industrial building. The Berlin company Jäger was based there for decades, Berlin’s largest television repair service – remember 88088? Fernsehkummer? Jägernummer!

The building belongs to the Berlin based commercial real estate specialist REV Real Estate Ventures. After a successful interim usage by intertempi, their focus now shifts to developing this location even further in cooperation with St. Oberholz. In the future, intertempi and St. Oberholz could expand within the building, to make it a bigger innovative space for flexible work. Meike Brüser from REV says ‘We strongly believe in this location of Berlin and are convinced that together with St. Oberholz and intertempi we can do our share to help Tempelhof become more established for startups and companies in Berlin. It is only a bike ride from the great Bergmann-Kiez in Kreuzberg‘.

Today companies + digital nomads can find team offices, conference rooms, an open coworking space as well as a coffee lounge and event space. The space is full-service and accessible 24/7. Coworking memberships are starting at 99 EUR/month, team offices at 250 EUR/month per desk.

St. Ringbahn / Ringbahnstraße 34 / 12099 Berlin
S + U Tempelhof

About intertempi
Founded in 2018 in Berlin, intertempi enables real estate owners and tenants to transform unused space into flexible offices through technology and automation, thereby improving how offices are used. In addition, intertempi helps companies to digitize their offices and gain transparency on its usage – in a world where a sustainable mix of working from home and in the office is here to stay.

About St. Oberholz

The first St. Oberholz opened in Berlin Mitte in 2005: a creative hub that is now internationally known and is considered a milestone in the history of coworking in Europe. It is located in an historic building and includes a café, coworking spaces, and various conference rooms. A few well-known start-ups were founded here, e.g. Soundcloud, brands4friends and hellofresh. Today St. Oberholz operates a total of nine locations in Berlin and Brandenburg and helps real estate developers to upvalue and enable their supply.


Interested in working at St. Ringbahn? Please kindly contact

David Flemmig / +491786837694 / david@sanktoberholz.de


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