Coffee Lab

  • Size 50m²
  • Persons 50 – 150
  • Wifi, Presentation tools
  • Coffee, Food + Drink Events
  • Exterior
  • Lobby and Coworking Space additionally bookable
  • Catering, Barservice, Staff
  • Preis per day on request

At the new location on the Zehdenicker Strasse, our coffee lab closes its doors in the early evening. From then on, you can use it in combination with the lobby and the co-working space for doing wild things there. From a simple get-together to workshops. With or without coffee specialties.

The place plays with multiple levels, which are controlled by lowering the ceiling of the former mezzanine floor, and thus provide an open and playful atmosphere – you will realize that it is a café only at a second glance. The large sliding windows can be opened in the summer and therefore enlarge the space to the outside area.