The drug passes the highly selective blood-brain barrier largely unnoticed, allowing the substance to enter the central nervous system directly. Caffeine has a positive effect on intestinal peristalsis and on the psyche. A heightened sense of concentration, euphoria and less need for sleep are just a few positive effects of consumption.

Koffein_-_Caffeine.svgThe drug is largely consumed orally in the form of hot beverages. Food regulations stipulate that caffeine levels in industrially produced soft drinks exceed no more than 320 mg per litre, but there is no such limit for hot beverages containing the drug. St. Oberholz specialises in creating such handmade, hot beverages – especially the caffeinated kind. The elixirs brewed by the St. Oberholz baristi have been the inspiration and invigorating force behind well-known companies such as Soundcloud, Brands4friends, Arriver and

St. Oberholz ESPRESSO

An Italian, Vilfredo Pareto, introduced the concept of what we now know as the Pareto principle in 1896 while conducting sociological surveys on his home country, Italy. The “law of the vital few” states that 80 per cent of results stem from a 20 per cent overall time investment. The remaining 20 per cent of the results require 80 per cent of the overall time and incur the greatest effort. Bonanza Coffee Roasters follow exactly this principle in creating this sumptuous blend for us – even if they don’t stick to many other Italian rules.

Our espresso blend contains only specialty coffee. Every coffee in our blend received more than 80 cupping points per coffee. Our blend is a compound of 20 per cent Ethiopian Suke Quto and 80 per cent Indonesian Sumatra. Luckily for us, the Indonesians export twice as much coffee as they do frog’s legs to Europe, although we’re only really interested in the coffee.

This Pareto blend is a well-layered classic. Mild acidity, dark chocolate, tobacco and a hint of liquorice lend this coffee its well-rounded, smooth body. It’s contemporary coffee at its finest. This coffee is specially made by Bonanza Coffee Roasters for St. Oberholz and can be purchased in well-portioned batches for private use.

St. Oberholz FILTER

Haile Selassie: emperor, Rastafari icon and modernizer. The emperor reigned over Ethiopia from 1930 to 1974 and was the last Emperor of Abyssinia. He called himself the 225th successor to King Salomon. The Rastafari movement still regards him as their messiah. The movement derives its name from the regent’s first name, Tafari Makonnen – Ras being part of the title. He was and still remains an important point of reference for the “back to Africa” movement, which (we reckon) could also be considered the “back to coffee” movement.

Ethiopia: cradle of mankind and true birthplace of coffee. We are devotees of the coffee movement and also regard Haile Selassie as a messiah. His predecessors conquered the small land of Kaffa and started cultivating the coffee plant in the 15th century. We are very proud of our “Yirgacheffe”, specially roasted by Bonanza. Our movement: Yirgakongaism.

This coffee packs a soft punch: unexpected, fruity notes of dried strawberry and sumptuous sweetness lend this coffee its superbly rounded flavour. The Konga Sedie has a complex, punchy aroma that is well-balanced thanks to its soft, creamy body. This coffee is specially made by Bonanza Coffee Roasters for St. Oberholz and can be purchased in well-portioned batches for private use. All coffee beans are infused with Bonanza Coffee Roaster magic and put under loving duress by our expertly-trained baristi on the La Marzocco Strada. Less pressure, but just as much love goes into our filter coffee, for which we use good old, reliable Bunn machines.

Coffee is the most common legal drug consumed worldwide.