Royal Republic

  • Rosenthaler Platz, 3rd floor If you book the large room the small room is automatically there
  • Check-in café downstairs
  • Balcony yes
  • Roomsize 11sq. m. + 20sq. m.
  • Tablesize 3,20m x 2m + 1,60m round
  • Seats 4 to 25
  • Price per hour EUR 50 net plus VAT



The conference room Royal Republic is equipped with WiFi, whiteboards, printer / scanner / copier on the 2nd floor (Laser B/W, controlled via wifi), a flipchart and pens and a TV screen (138cm screen size) controlled via AppleTV or direct connection HDMI or VGA cable.

Booking period Mo. – Fr.: 7:00 – 23:00  Sa. + So.: 7:00 – 23:00